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A Spoonful of Sugar

February 8, 2013 5:16 pm

SugarPill ApothecaryWho hasn’t, at one point and time, wanted to be Mary Poppins? She’s practically perfect in every way! She gets around town floating under an umbrella and has a bottomless handbag full of amazing knick-knacks. Where does she shop? She’d never tell (and she never has to explain anything), but quite possibly, we just found her secret.

SugarPill Apothecary is the place to get everything we might need for our own magical handbags. At this spit-spot shop they sell medicinal and culinary herbs as well as spices, gourmet salts, and chocolates—a definite girl necessity. It also features locally produced cocktail bitters and other pantry essentials. So basically, this shop carries everything from a cure for what ails us to the fixings for our next impromptu cocktail party. A spoonful of SugarPill really does help the medicine go down in the most delightful way.

SugarPill ApothecaryAfter one shopping excursion at SugarPill Apothecary Mary Poppins won’t have anything on us, except for maybe that magical, flying umbrella. Now, where do we get one of those?

SugarPill Apothecary
900 E. Pine St.
Seattle WA 98122

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