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Scrub-a-Dub Dog

February 22, 2013 3:27 am

The Wash DogA least once a year we dog-sit for our best friend’s best four-legged friend. The dog is a bit Lassie meets Cujo—loyal and precious in the daytime, but startle her during a midnight potty run and she will try to kill you.

We love this dog, but every time we’re alone together chaos ensues. Our latest adventure resulted in her snapping her leash and running straight into the water at Lincoln Park. After her swim, we needed to clean her up stat! Thank goodness for the Wash Dog in West Seattle. It’s a complete spa for pets, offering everything from a basic wash and dry to pet perfumes and nail appliqués—too fun! The space is a chic as “people” spas. You can clean your own pet or hand her over to the professionals.

The Wash DogSince we’d had enough alone time for the day, we let the pros tackle our furry friend. In no time she was washed, dried, combed, and ready for the next adventure!

The Wash Dog
Bath House and Spa for Pets
6400 California Ave. SW

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