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Seattle Picks is free to our subscribers and to those who visit our website.

Seattle Picks employs an editorial writing staff whose Picks are completely unsolicited, however, we also provide an effective advertising venue for reaching our readers at a fraction of the price of other local media. Advertising in the Picks is a fantastic way to reach a highly targeted market of savvy and responsive local female shoppers.

We accept first-time paid placements if you get in touch to request coverage and we deem your business/product/service to be right for the Picks. If we find you on our own (e.g. a writer visits your place of business, we include it in the Picks, and you have such a good response that you want to be featured again), our policy is one free placement (writer’s feature), then paid (follow-up ad).

We support our advertisers 100% and give them the same respect and love as the businesses we include in our editorial. We will write your ad for you in our signature style based on the information you provide. By placing your ad in the Picks, we are truly endorsing your business.

Our goal is to bring the best the city has to offer to our subscribers in a fun, engaging format, and they love us for it! As an advertiser, we hope you will too.

Fast Facts:

  • Approximately 10,000 subscribers to the email publication, and growing!
  • Educated, professional women who shop, dine out, and use services to enhance their lives.
  • Readers are 24-55 years of age, with an annual household income of $85K.
  • 85% have hair/salon services more than twice monthly. 80% dine out more than twice monthly. 75% shop for clothing and cosmetics monthly. 70% own homes, enjoy spa services at least 4 times per year, and are interested in health and nutrition.
  • We have a personal relationship with Seattle Picks readers, and they believe and care about what they read and what we recommend.
  • The Website receives approximately 5,000 unique visits per month.

Ad Rates:

  • Hip Happenings, $150 (event notices: sale/grand opening/charity event/fashion show/etc.) These include a max 50-word intro, 1 JPG image and a contact list that includes what/when/where/call/web address.
  • Chick Picks, $200 (individual products, websites, e-stores). These include two paragraphs (75 words max) and 1 JPG image
  • Item, Event or Cocktail of the Week, $250 (a bold ad that really stands out) These include a max 60-word description of the item, plus 1 big JPG image (360 pixels wide by 260 pixels deep).
  • Picks, $325 (top-of-page write-ups). These include 3 paragraphs (175 words max) and 2 JPG images
  • Side-Column Homepage ad, $550 (a fab space for marketing, they read like a print ad!) This is a long banner ad on our home page, max 45 words, plus 3-4 JPG images in a Flash banner, and it stays up for 1 month
  • Dedicated Emails, $1000 (these are all about your business, and are sent out independently of the regular weekly Picks, usually on a Tuesday. We will write the copy and create the layout.) These are max 150 words, plus 2-4 JPG images

Ad Requirements:

  • JPG or GIF images, 150 x 150 pixels 72 dpi (2 images for Pick; 1 image for Chick Pick/Hip Happening)
  • If your artwork is your ad, it’s 360 pixels wide by 300 pixels long for a Hip Happening or 360 x 260 for Event of the Week
  • Include sufficient information/key points that we will rewrite/edit to fit the Seattle Picks style
  • Contact information: business name, address, phone, Web url
  • Lead Time: 2 weeks is preferred

Added Value:

  • Your ad will be stored in our Website’s archived issues. These get picked up by the search engines helping others find your store, service or product.
  • We may have opportunities throughout the year for our advertisers to be in swag bags at exclusive Seattle Picks-sponsored events.
  • If you run multiple insertions we can offer you a package deal with discounts: Buy 3 Hip Happenings, Get 1 Free; Buy a Homepage Banner Ad Get 1 Free Hip Happening; Buy 2 Pick ads and Get 1 Free Hip Happening.

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